Getting Involved

There are an increasing number of opportunities for young people to be actively involved in their communities which provide personal development experience.  This can include involvement in student/youth organizations. Experience gained in student or youth organizations give young people a different outlook on life.  Employers see this involvement as being capable of multi-tasking and having good time management skills. Click here for a list of student/youth organizations

Work experience

Schools, colleges and training organisations use other work-related activities to broaden young people’s knowledge such as:

  • Workplace visits.
  • Enterprise activities.
  • Mock interviews.
  • Work shadowing.
  • Talks from employers.

Getting a summer job

The most common summer jobs available are within the catering and tourist industry. Other opportunities can be found in research companies, some manufacturing companies or call centres. The skills a young person gains during a summer job can be transferable and improve the chances of employability.

Registering with Jobsplus for seasonal employment enhances their chances of finding seasonal work. Interested persons should sent an email to 


In all cases, the following documentation should be provided:

  • Identity Card;
  • National Insurance Card (which can be obtained from any branch office of the Department of Social Security);
  • Any termination forms pertaining to previous employment if available; 
  • Any certificates or qualifications together with a copy of the curriculum vitae (CV);
  • In the case of minors (i.e. those under 18 years of age),  a signed copy of the Parents' Consent Form.

Volunteering Benefits

Thousands of young people have already discovered that volunteering is a great way to get involved, to give something back to their community and to give them something worthwhile and interesting to do.  It is also a very effective way of increasing self confidence and feeling good about what they’re doing.  It is an important element on their CV when they apply for a job, since they learn new practical skills and hone their ‘soft’ skills such as communication, time management and problem solving. It is also one way of gaining work experience. It can serve as a way of testing certain career areas, which young people might want to pursue. There are all kinds of volunteering opportunities available. Click here for more information on voluntary work.

It is important to remember that all employers view volunteering as valuable, and in some cases more valuable than paid work.



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