About the Project

ESF3.60 Youth Employment Programme (YEP), is a programme co-funded under Priority Axis 3 ‘Promoting an equal and inclusive labour market’ of the European Social Fund, Operational Programme II. 


The YEP programme is designed to increase the employability of young people and facilitate labour market integration of youth.

YEP main objectives are:

  • To help youth make informed choices through increased access to information about services available, training courses and the labour market
  • To equip youth with the motivation and skills needed to enter, retain and progress within work.
  • Address the development of individual action plans and initiatives aiding vulnerable youth and socially excluded individuals to pursue education, training and enter the labour market.

YEP target group are young people between the age of 16-24 who are:

  • Inactive youth
  • School leavers not pursuing post-secondary education
  • Young job seekers
  • Disabled youth
  • Youth in employment seeking further training
  • Registered unemployed youth

YEP aims to offer services at the community level in an appealing and flexible environment through a team of professionals, which will be made up of a psychologist, youth workers, an occupational therapist and guidance practitioners.

Amongst other things, the team will carry out outreach exercises with youth to help them understand their own identity and guide them to enhance their own personal development and skills, assist them to improve or better manage their situation, create a programme according to each individual’s needs and develop programmes of informal learning.

YEP will help young people make informed choices through increase access to information, which include:

This youth website which provides information related to job search, career tools, tips, training programmes, online one-to-one consultations with the psychologist, career guidance practitioner and the occupational therapist.

The Youth Employment Outreach TV Programmes gives useful information and advice as well as tackles topics according to labour market needs.

The ETC Youth Days includes amongst other things short workshops, challenges area, film forums and entertainment as well as exhibition areas.

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Empowering People for More Jobs and a Better Quality of Life
Co-financed from the European Union
European Social Fund (ESF)
Co-financing rate: 85% EU Funds; 15% National Funds
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