The role of the clinical psychologist is to assess, monitor and process a prospective client’s needs and progression throughout his/her engagement in the YEP.

The clinical psychologist will be responsible to help the client formulate a sound personalized plan of action aimed at supporting and motivating the client in achieving a sense of productivity through targeting and meaningfully engaging in work.

Therapy involves mainly a search for insight into the origins of one’s problems acting as obstacle to one’s fulfilment in work. It could also imply an exploration of those personal purposes that are served by one’s undesirable behaviour. Therapy consists primarily of a relationship between client and therapist designed to produce an atmosphere of trust that helps dissolve those acting debilitating defences. Therapy can at points be largely behavioural in the sense that it will aim at aiding the client to learn new and more satisfying modes of adjustment and overcoming fears that prevent them from achieving certain goals.

Such therapeutic treatment will vary according to the specific needs and requirements of a person.

Therapy can therefore be simply seen as an effort to better understand the individual so that more informed decision-making can be made or the most desirable course of action can be selected, all within a framework of a sustained personality growth and the fostering of a sense of emotional fulfilment, social belonging, and general wellbeing.


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