FAQs about the website

Where do I start?

top part etc website

The best is to start from the homepage. The website has two different sections, one for youths and one for parents. Whether you are a youth or parent, you click accordingly on the title in the menu. From there you can find all the information you need to know.  Another section of the website is vacancies. These can be accessed from the vacancy title in the menu. Here you will find a search function, which will give you results depending on the preferences you input.

language accessibility menu

On top of the main menu next to the register link you will find three tabs. Languages allows you to switch from one language to the other. Accessibility will allow you to access the high visibility and high contrast version. These are meant for visually impaired individuals. The login tab allows you to login to the website if you are already registered.

multimedia events career tools tab

In the homepage, below the animation, you will also find another section from where you can access news, events, multimedia and career tools. Click on the respective icons to access these different parts. Further down, there is a notice board where the upcoming events and latest news will be shown. There is also an Outreach section with links to different pages about guidance, psychologist and occupational services. Next to the Outreach section one can find the online chat. 


Why do I need to register?

There are several benefits for you if you register with this website. First and foremost on registration we will ask you for your job preference. Through these we can send you the jobs that match your or your child's job preference criteria. If you are a youth registered on the website, you can upload your CV and apply for jobs directly through this website. On the otherhand, if you are a parent you can send a vacancy you found on this website by email to any email recipient you wish (presumably your child). If you are registered, you can also comment on any news items, events and multimedia uploaded on the website. By being registered on this website you can also make an appointment online with guidance professionals, youth workers or psychologists. 

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